Too many documentaries since 1987 to mention them all. So I am placing just some links to the films and fragments that are available for online viewing.

This bio-documentary about the most well-known Russian photographer Alexander Rodchenko was shot in the past Millenium;) But I still love it.

Director/Producer: Michael Craig, (Copernicus Films, UK).

DVD available at Amazon

Director: Gabrielle Pfeiffer.

ARTE, 2005, winner, Golden Gate Award, San Francisco International Film Festival.

Film about attempt of Stalin regime to falsify history via falsifying and destroying photographs.

Siberian Tiger

The two films mentioned below, I made mostly as director and editor. The main ‘field’ camera work was made by scientists that research tigers and white whales in Russian Far East. I just shot some interviews and b-rolls in the institute (Institute of Ecology and Evolution). Both films are presented now at Russian Geographical Society web site. The Siberian Tiger was included in contest program of  an international science film festival The World of Knowledge. 

white whale

Unfortunately, DIXIT, a Swedish company, which has produced this film, does not place a trailer of this documentary in the internet yet. So I just give a link to the film’s web page at www.DIXIT.SE