For many years, I shoot documentaries in different parts of the Earth: Russian Far East and Arctic tundra, Cambodia, India, Cuba, Turkey, Singapore. The windows below show three clips made in different style.

While shooting in Cuba The Cuban Colonel, the Russian General and the (near) Destruction of the World we set once in a nice beer restaurant in the very heart of Old Havana. Waiting for grilled lobsters, I’ve just made some shots around our table with my small Panasonic DVX100. Later in Moscow, I glued them together...

This video was shot in Cambodia in 1998. I explored the country with my friend, biologist and photographer Misha Glazov.

We shot rushes for some documentaries for the Unknown Planet (Russian TV series). The producer selected ‘The secrets of Cambodian cuisine’. ‘Sapphires’ were used as a short episode for other TV program.

I just really love this city, this island, these people.